NARF and Grade Crossing Safety:

Over the past several years, NARF has helped to address railroad grade crossing safety in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to providing educational support for some safety programs, we have provided some assistance to several local communities to improve their grade crossing warnings from crossbucks and paint to lights and gates. These improvements are win-win-win ventures for NARF in that: Communities and citizens are safer, there is a lesser financial burden on the communities to proceed with the safety improvements and last but not least the Railroaders who travel through the area are a bit safer. You may know of, or have traveled on, some of the crossings we have helped, or are going to help, make these improvements on:

The West Central Ohio Port Authority; Ohio; State Route 56 in Champaign County, State Route 323 in Madison County and Bloomingburg-New Holland Road in Fayette County; all Indiana & Ohio Railroad track.

The Village of Wellington; Lorain County; Ohio; Prospect Street; Wheeling and Lake Erie Tracks.

The Medina County Railroad Safety Task Force; Medina; Ohio; Beach, Garman and Branch Roads; Wheeling and Lake Erie Tracks.

Pleasant Township; Marion County; Ohio; Newmans Cardington Road Crossing; CSX Track.

The City of Pataskala; Licking County; Ohio; Summit Road Intersection; CSX Track.

The City of Oregon; Lucas County; Ohio; Bury Road Intersection; NS Track.

The City of Springfield; Clark County; Ohio; New Love Road, Buena Vista and Stewart Road Intersections; NS Tracks.

The City of Shelby; Richland County; Ohio; East Smiley Road; Ashland Railway Tracks.

Springfield Township; Clark County; Ohio; Leffel Lane Crossing and Hilldale Road Crossing; Indiana & Ohio Central Railroad.

The Medina County Railroad Safety Task Force; Medina; Ohio; State, Neff and Eastlake Roads; CSX and Wheeling and Lake Erie Tracks.