Our Foundation:

The North American Railway Foundation (Foundation) was formed on October 22, 1996 as a nonprofit organization (a private operating foundation). Its purpose is to explore, nurture and support railway safety, efficiency and technology and to educate about and preserve the history of railroads in the United States and Canada. The goals of the Foundation are achieved by providing direct and active financial support to deserving non-profit institutions and projects, which exemplify the Foundation's purpose.

As a private operating foundation, the Foundation must take an active and direct role in each project it undertakes. Unlike a typical foundation, we are discouraged in providing "grants" where we would take a passive approach to our projects. In being active, the Foundation works very closely with each of its project coordinators and provides an extra resource to the end beneficiary of its support.

The Foundation has provided support to rail labor and other nonprofit, rail-related entities and endeavors totaling $21.2 million from inception through December 31, 2021.

Our Support:

The Foundation received its original financial support from the Brotherhood’s Relief & Compensation Fund (BR&CF). This support is deemed a permanently restricted endowment, meaning that it cannot be used for any purpose other than to generate income for the Foundation. The income that is generated from investing that financial support is used for charitable and operating purposes. On a fiscal year basis, the foundation expends over 85% of its income on these purposes.